A global initiative to accelerate reform of security organisations.

Modus Operandi


 The problem – and the challenge

1. Measures to strengthen privacy – in many parts of the world – are being outstripped by an escalation of new and often unaccountable security powers. This applies also to many parts of Europe.

2. Reform initiatives in different disciplines (technology, law, policy, activism) are hampered by limited communication between those spheres.

3. Important information relating to developments in law, technology and advocacy is difficult to discover in any meaningful and practical way.

4. Advocates need a smarter and more effective approach to strategic innovation and planning.

5. Whistleblowers across all domains need more support and encouragement.

Code Red will address these challenges through three intersecting objectives


Code Red presentation spheres (800x600)

Current situation:

Advocates in the key areas of reform activity often work strictly within their own domains with little communication or input from other disciplines. The hacker community, for example, has relatively little interaction with the policy community. And information resources are usually confined to specific ecosystems. Lines of communication are patchy and often confused.

Code Red action:

– Work with key stakeholders and leading figures in each sector to secure a commitment to the goal of working more cooperatively;

– Identify ambassadors who are able to cross the divide of disciplines and encourage these people to evangelise.

– Recruit people within key events, organisations, educational institutions and networks who will lobby to ensure that a cooperative, cross-disciplinary approach is reflected.

Code Red presentation data (800x600)

Current situation:

– Data on legal actions, activism, research and tech innovations is presently scattered amongst countless silos. The location of these silos not only has to be known, but each has to be individually interrogated according to sector and country.

– The capacity to extract comparative data across discipline boundaries and across languages is presently onerous, if not impossible. It is not therefore possible for campaigners to understand the full picture of activities in the reform arena.

Code Red action:

1. Create an interactive site for presentation of a wide range of data on reform activities.

2. Create and promote a new data input standard and format for privacy developers and campaigners to present information in a horizontal way.

3. Create and nurture a distinct category of actor (data scientist?) with responsibilities for taking ownership of this data and ensuring that is universally usable. This activity will encourage a flow of new talent into the reform arena – people who may currently feel isolated because they are not technologists or legal experts.

Code Red presentation strategy (800x600)

Code Red action:

1. Configure the clearinghouse so that strategic and tactical elements are identified and recorded.

2. Build a specialist strategic think tank of “big thinkers” who are able to analyse and interpret tactical categories and strategic trends.

3. Provide briefings and advice to activists on specific tactics, and provide support data to assist these actions